Absolutely not. CrossFit is completely inclusive for all fitness and skill levels. Every exercise we do is scalable, and thus the same workout is done by all clients. Load and intensity are adjusted accordingly, which allows everyone from an elite athlete to a complete beginner to participate safely.

No. As CrossFit is completely inclusive we can start every new member at their appropriate weight and intensity limits. Within a few weeks most members are well on their way to being fit, strong and healthy.

Of course. This free trial must be arranged by appointment. It will count as the first session of the 4 fundamentals sessions. A waiver must be filled out in order to participate in all circumstances.

Yes. We will discuss your skill level and maybe ask to see some movements demonstrated, and then make our decision from there. A waiver must be filled out in order to participate in all cases.

No. Just show up. We have enough equipment and space to accommodate all class sizes as well as scale the workouts appropriately to all fitness levels.

Any way you like. Phone, email, Facebook etc. In the event that we are running a class or training we may not answer. Just leave your contact details and we will respond to your message as soon as possible.

Yes! CrossFit is a proven calorie burning program. With proper nutrition the results will amaze you!!