Simon Barg
Simon BargOwner & Coach
Simon has been training in CrossFit since 2011 and started CrossFit LTD Australia in 2013. After having their baby boy, Simon and Ashley moved back to Canada to be near family. Simon is also a former Professional hockey player. Upon nearing the end of his career he started looking for a new passion.

Luckily, he and his wife and co-trainer Ashley, were introduced to CrossFit in Frankfurt, Germany where they were living and he was playing at the time. One trial session and he was hooked. “I still remember my first workout of 21-15-9, Wall balls, KB Swings and Burpees, at the time this 5 minute or so workout got more out of me than an hour and a half normally at the gym. I have never enjoyed going to the gym and doing typical Globo gym style workouts.. I just couldn’t get motivated in that atmosphere. My former teammates and friends laugh at me now that they see how fit I am and that I love training- this just wasn’t for me in younger hockey playing days. Once I found CrossFit I was able to feel like I was training and competing instead of exercising. CrossFit translates to so many other aspects of life in terms of confidence and mental toughness, not just the body image”

Favourite Workout: Anything with squats or lunging.

Least Favourite Workout: Angie (anything with 100 reps of the same thing sucks)

Favourite CrossFit/motivational quote: “The goal is to get fit, make it the best hour of your day, stay safe, turn up the music, high five some people, and blow off some steam. So remember that. Relax. Have fun. Work out.” – Pat Sherwood

Ashley Barg
Ashley BargOwner & Coach
Ashley first encountered CrossFit at her friends’ box in Frankfurt, Germany 2011 where Simon and she were living at the time. Like Simon, Ashley will never forget her first WOD, 21-15-9 wall balls, KB swings and Burpees. Although this workout was tough for her, she immediately fell in love with this way of working out.

“Unlike Simon, I used to really enjoy going to the gym and getting a good workout in but after I experienced CrossFit I ditched the gym membership. I just loved how CrossFit had a natural community feel and I was able to workout with and compete against my friends in workouts that I would have never even thought about doing before. After a few months of CrossFit I couldn’t believe the movements I was completing and the weight I was lifting. Prior to CrossFit I couldn’t do push ups properly, could barely lift a 20 kilo bar over my head, and viewed pull-ups as something only guys could do. Seeing improvements in just a few weeks, noticing my lifts progressing and my body changing I knew that CrossFit was the right sport for me. As a trainer, I love coaching others and witnessing their progress and helping them achieve their goals. The littlest of achievements should always be celebrated”

Favourite Workout: I love the WOD ‘Helen’- 3 rounds of 400 m run, 21 kettle bell swings and 12 pull ups. I also won’t object to a good chipper WOD!

Least Favourite Workout: Anything with rowing

Favourite CrossFit/motivational quote: “No, it doesn’t ever get any easier. You wouldn’t want it to either.” Greg Glassman- CrossFit founder.


Absolutely not. CrossFit is completely inclusive for all fitness and skill levels. Every exercise we do is scalable, and thus the same workout is done by all members. Load and intensity are adjusted accordingly, which allows everyone from an elite athlete to a complete beginner to participate safely.

No. As CrossFit is completely inclusive we can start every new member at their appropriate weight and intensity limits. Within a few weeks most members are well on their way to being fit, strong and healthy.

Yes, but only for our HIIT classes and Kids Class. Fundamentals and CrossFit trials must be prepaid online.

We do just as much or more cardio than we do weightlifting. We believe that well rounded fitness, is the key to being healthy. This means “lean muscle” or “toning” is what happens because we dont specialize or bias towards weightlifting.

Yes! CrossFit is a proven calorie burning program. With proper nutrition the results will amaze you!!

Yes! But lean muscle. With a proper diet you will put on muscle in a healthy way without losing your cardio.

At the moment no. We have enough classes throughout each day to keep the class sizes manageable. Some classes are randomly busier than others but we like the flexibility of allowing our members to show up to any class they like even if their schedule changes.

8-10 people is the average. Sometimes more, sometimes less but we have enough equipment to make it work and let everyone have a safe and great workout without waiting for others.

Every class is different. Usually there is a warm up, followed by a strength or skill component (low intensity), usually we finish with a high intensity WOD (Workout of the Day) to leave you feeling accomplished and give your whole body a workout.

Yes! We can work around any injury or limitation you may have. Our coaches have a lot of experience working with people needing scaling options due to flexibility, injuries or aerobic capacity.

Usually we find that newer members need to show up 3x per week. This allows them enough recovery time between workouts while being consistent enough to combat muscle soreness and learn the movements. Typically after a few months members can show up 4-5x per week as they are more conditioned recover faster.

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